A Rainy Day At The Races – Charlee Luck

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A Rainy Day At The Races

This year we decided to take a different approach to connecting with fellow Foxfield goers. We wanted to take part in the festivities rather then view the event as purely a marketing event for work. After all, three years ago the Foxfield Races in Charlottesville offered the inspiration that began the concept of Charlee Luck. Now the spring races are our stable event. I say this loosely, because we do not treat the Foxfield Races like you might think, or see, other brands like us treat this obvious advertising opportunity. For an event like Foxfield, we do not believe in the traditional forms of advertising. Instead, we use the races as a day of inspirational revival. We refresh the ticket checkout page about a month in advance gambling for a spot in party central of the orange section. We have been getting pretty lucky with this. 

We believe the best way to connect with people is to socialize with them, share a drink with them, and answer any crazy questions they may have about Charlee Luck. This not only gives us the best feedback and connection with our audience, but allows us to be approachable and talk with the people that see Charlee and want to know more. This also allows us to bypass the crazy row of vendors where everyone is just hopping tent to tent to get whatever free stuff they can get without a deeper connection with the brand! I see a lot of these other promo products scattered as trash the next day when I go to pick up the truck. Sure, one day there will be an "official" Charlee Luck tent, but I promise there will also be a tent with Brad, Chris, Whitley, and I where we aren't taking work so seriously for the day. 'Til next year, gentlemen and ladies...


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