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Celebrate the Good Times-- July 4th Style!

Happy birthday, America! One of my favorite summer activities is the annual celebration of our country's independence day. There are many reasons why (over at the CL headquarters will LOVE our country), but a couple being it's a summer holiday, always great food, tasty & booze infused drinks, and doing all these activities with family and friends. James and I generally spend our 4th on the water because is there any other way to celebrate?! However, this summer we will be here in Charlottesville cooking out by the pool. After we've enjoyed the water, had one too many cocktails, and our cravings have been met we put on some comfy clothes to sit back and watch the colorful fireworks.  My...

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A Rainy Day At The Races

This year we decided to take a different approach to connecting with fellow Foxfield goers. We wanted to take part in the festivities rather then view the event as purely a marketing event for work. After all, three years ago the Foxfield Races in Charlottesville offered the inspiration that began the concept of Charlee Luck. Now the spring races are our stable event. I say this loosely, because we do not treat the Foxfield Races like you might think, or see, other brands like us treat this obvious advertising opportunity. For an event like Foxfield, we do not believe in the traditional forms of advertising. Instead, we use the races as a day of inspirational revival. We refresh the ticket checkout...

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