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Our Story

Charlee Luck is an American lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and small town heritage of husband and wife team, James and Whitley Luck.

Launched in the spring of 2013, the brand is known for its straightforward designs and comfortable, quality material that includes ties, bows, t-shirts, hats, button-downs, and pull-overs.

Nestled in the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlee Luck draws on inspiration from its Charlottesville-based surrounding. Whether it’s leading outdoor adventure, enjoying a signature cocktail, or engaging in a meaningful conversation, Charlee Luck celebrates life’s finer moments.

James and Whitley Luck, often described as approachable and light-hearted, believe in building strong friendships with their community and customers and sharing happy moments along the way. 

The Charlee Luck brand is a celebration of this life.

The Start

The Charlee Luck concept came while three college friends James, Chris and Brad, were taking in the atmosphere at the Foxfield Races, a steeplechase race based annually out of Charlottesville, Virginia.  While catching up with old friends and enjoying the comforts of the event, the three friends wanted to capture the essence of the moment.

Today, James and his wife Whitley continue to build on the tradition of Charlee Luck as they grow the company and brand.

Charlee Luck is straightforward, approachable, and social in spirit. 

Who is Charlee?

The fox is the icon behind the Charlee Luck brand and a symbol for all the brand stands for today. Charlee is youthful, adventurous, and charismatic. He loves a small-town feel, with a cosmopolitan influence. He enjoys relaxing by an outdoor fireplace, hand-writing letters, feeling at home, and being comfortable with friends.

He lives to create lifelong memories and friendships, and he reminds us that every day is a celebration of these things.

To us, Charlee is classic. Charlee is you.


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